Facility Rental

Calvert City Civic Center 991 E. 5th Avenue & Memorial Park Amphitheatre Schedule of Fees

1. General Activities for the Civic Center usage by For-profit entities including dances, company picnics, trade or craft shows, or any function where the leasee may be acting as a promoter or may be charging a fee for participation.  
2. Performance Activities at the Amphitheatre by For-profit entities
3. Non-profit organizations, labor unions, charities or other non-profit activities including fund raising.


4. School functions, public activities, religious organizations, private parties, receptions, and special ceremonies. $75.00 (Resident*)
$125.00 (non-Resident)
5. Use of kitchen $50.00 (Additional)
6. Conference Room (may be rented separately) $25.00
All rates are per day.  For Amphitheatre fees, refer to schedules 2 through 4.  

No reservations shall be made more than one (1) year in advance. Scheduling shall be on a first come first serve basis. Each leasee shall agree to leave the facility in the same general state of cleanliness as when leased. The leasee shall be held responsible for all breakage or damage caused to the facility as a result of the activities conducted under the terms of such lease. Day is defined as the time period beginning at 07:00 a.m. day of rental to 06:59 a.m. the day after. The Amphitheatre is not to be used as a picnic shelter; it is for performances and stage type activities. Alcoholic beverage consumption is not allowed on any property of the City.

Main Floor Size: Dimensions: 94’ x 60’ Capacity: 365 people

Facility has available 40 tables and 300 chairs.

Download Agreement for Property & Facility rental and Civic Center Rental Agreement.


*Resident is defined as a real property owner within the City of Calvert City.