Lynn Jones, Mayor

When I was a boy, Calvert City had one paved road, no municipal water or sewer system, but lots of dreams. Everything has changed, except we still have lots of dreams. In fact, dreams have provided catalyst for change and that change has been good. In 1952 TVA called us "A Dream Come True" ---- you judge.

If quality of life is the standard, Calvert City cannot be beat. Our parks boast of grounds on which baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, walking, running and bench sitting are all enjoyed. A remodeled elementary school is now a showcase. A new library has become an object of pride. A community oriented police department and a dedicated band of firemen provide security for us. Area churches and synagogues provide spiritual guidance. A highway network allows our residents to choose Opera or the Opry within just a few hours' drive, enjoy local talent in the park or on stage. You name it ----- if it is quality of life we have it!

On the other hand, if economic development is the standard, the Calvert City - Marshall County River Port development is taking the lead and providing development opportunities. The effort has expanded our horizons and provided opportunity for economic growth capturing infrastructure gems like rail, water and road. Some say Calvert is a "gem in the rough", but there is nothing rough about us ------ Calvert City is first class all the way!

The reason for Calvert's success ----- our people, who have dreamed "big" dreams and provided the talent, money and energy to make the dreams reality. I know we smile when I say, "Today Calvert has all paved roads", but that didn't just happen. Neither did a train load of other changes that have shaped this tiny farming community into a capitalistic giant. Rail, river, road ----- they all meet in Calvert City and that keeps us dreaming!

"Yours for Dreams"

Lynn Jones, Mayor