The Calvert City Street & Sanitation Departments are synonymous with each other.  They work hand in hand to maintain the City’s traffic, storm-water and solid waste removal infrastructures. 

Street Department

The Street Department is charged with the maintenance of 35 miles of city streets and their right of ways.  This includes not only the paved road maintenance, but the culverts and all storm water drainage issues and the mowing and maintenance of the unpaved portion of the City streets.  They operate all the heavy equipment necessary to affect repairs to the City’s roadways. 

Sanitation Department

The Sanitation Department does not contract solid waste removal.  The City maintains a crew and vehicles to remove residential and small business solid waste on a bi-weekly basis.  Customers are either on the Monday – Thursday or Tuesday – Friday route.  A once monthly special pickup for large and or bulk household items or yard debris is available for all our customers. (See schedule)

Note: Yard waste and debris must be kept separate from household waste.


The Sanitation Department will not pickup certain items; some of these are paint cans with their liquid contents, tires, dead animals, wire, used cylinder oil, asphalt shingles, construction materials and batteries.  There is a specific way to dispose of these items and a phone call to City Hall will help you and the City begin the appropriate disposal process.

Calvert City has been working hard to be fiscally responsible with the taxpayer's money.  Recent years have seen several moves to make us even more fiscally responsible. 

The Maintenance Team as it is called was made of manpower from each of the City departments according to the individual’s abilities and the needs of the team.  The team maintains a mobile construction trailer with the special tools and can be moved to any location necessary.  Team members come and go from the team depending on the task assigned.  Their function is to engage in repair and construction activities that previously had been contracted to outside companies.  These projects range from large culvert replacement to playground installation and building construction. 

The City has implemented joint departmental purchasing and utilizing of heavy equipment and facilities to reduce duplication of large expense items.  Items purchased in this program are a skid steer with associated attachments, a backhoe with an extending arm and the purchase, construction and usage of a 60' X 60' building. 

The Green Team project was developed by Mayor Jones and spearheaded by Councilman Colburn to affect changes in the City to reduce our carbon footprint.  Currently the team is exploring ways to implement a recycling program with Marshall County, applying for a grant that will fund replacing existing electrical fixtures to energy efficient fixtures and looking into the possibility of joining with other entities to create a composting farm.