The Calvert City Police Department exists to serve the community. It derives its authority from the city, the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Constitution of the United States.

From these governing bodies and documents, the Calvert City Police Department also draws its responsibilities and limitations. Every member of the Department must be fully aware of the mission before them and always strive to accomplish that mission.

The mission of the Calvert City Police Department is to contribute to the community by providing public safety and law enforcement services in a manner which is both professional and effective.

Members of the Department have a unique opportunity, that they are frequently the only city officials with whom a visitor comes into contact, and as such may be the only way the city is judged for better or worse. In fact, at times, police officers are the only city representatives readily available to the public. This dimension of the role alone places Calvert City Police Officers in a position of enormous responsibility and impact. When combined with other requirements of policing, and the often harsh scrutiny which may follow, the role of the Department - and each member - assumes critical importance.

Much is expected of Calvert City Police Officers from the public, the law and the city. In order to meet those requirements, individual officers must possess integrity, judgment and reliability as essential underpinnings for knowledge and skill.

This Department expresses the expectations which Calvert City, Kentucky has for the Police Officers who represent it. It can serve as a guide for those who strive to serve, with integrity, professional judgment and good will.

Calvert City Police Department
861 E. 5th Avenue
Calvert City, KY  42029

Monday - Friday
8 am - 4 pm
Closed weekends and holidays

You may contact the Calvert City Police Department after hours by calling Marshall County Central Dispatch at (270)527-1333.

You may obtain a copy of your collision report from buycrash.com by using the information provided on the card by the officer at the scene.