The Calvert City Park System boasts three beautiful parks totaling 85 acres.  All three parks are conveniently located along East 5th Avenue and within walking distance of the City's population center. 

Memorial Park 

      Memorial park is serene and peaceful hosting paved lighted walking trails lined with architectural benches to rest on or just relax and enjoy the surroundings.  Memorial Park's trail links the sidewalk of East 5th Avenue to East 7th Avenue.   

      While still hosting some sports games in its spacious fields, Memorial Park is moving away from sporting activities to relaxing and performance based activities. 

      Memorial Park's grand feature is our performance Amphitheatre.  The Amphitheatre has restroom facilities and electrical service to the stage.  The stage itself is covered to protect performers from the elements, elevated and approximately 1400 square feet.  It is fronted by a 1500 square foot concrete patio and seating beyond that. 

Most of the Amphitheatre's performances have been musical in nature; however, the surrounding environment lends itself to plays and lectures. 

Doctor's Memorial Park 

Doctor's Memorial Park is located north of East 5th Avenue behind the Calvert City Civic Center and Calvert City Hall.  Doctor's Memorial Park was formerly known as North Park.  Its name was changed recently to honor the several Doctor's that moved here in the early days of Calvert's incorporation and aided in its growth.  These Doctor's include Dr.'s Richard I. Cocke, William 'Bill" Colburn and Carroll Traylor. 

Doctor's Memorial Park is our sport park.  Most sports and league play is at this park facility.  The facilities include two (2) T-ball fields, three (3) lighted baseball/softball combination fields, one (1) lighted baseball field with grass infield, multiple soccer fields ranging in size from U-6 to U-18, a lighted skateboard park and basketball court.  There is playground equipment for the little ones and several picnic pavilions scattered throughout the complex. 

Doctor's Memorial Park has a paved lighted one-mile walking-running course which ties into the East 5th Avenue sidewalk.  

Old Park  

      Old Park is Calvert's first park and is located south of East 5th Avenue across the street from the Calvert City Country Club.  It hosts playground equipment and several picnic pavilions in a wooded setting.  Old Park is a lovely place for children to play and release extra energy, while parents watch and relax on the sun-filtered grounds. 

      Calvert City's first baseball/softball field is here and is still utilized for practice or non-league activities.  Old Park is a great location for family, company, and community special events.   

      Calvert City's Tennis Court which historically was located on this site is now located across the street from Old Park at the entrance to the Calvert City Country Club.