Calvert City, located in western Kentucky, is a community of approximately 2,700 residents in the northeast section of Marshall County.  Possessing excellent resources for development, the city has sixteen industrial plants employing approximately 3,800 people.  As a highly industrialized area that is complimented by one of America's premiere recreational waterlands, Kentucky Lake, Calvert City has provided great jobs and a high standard of living for its residents since 1949.

Calvert City is a fourth class city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  It is governed by a mayoral/council form of government.  The city is a full service municipality providing services in police, fire protection, ambulance service, street maintenance, refuse collection, park/recreational opportunities, water and sanitary sewer services.

Demographic Data (2000)
Calvert City 2,701
Marshall County 30,125
Labor Market 180,416

Per Capita Income (1997)

Marshall County $24,231
Work Force Data
Marshall County 13,179 4.7%
Labor Market 90,141 6.1%
County Employment (1992)
All Industries 9,642
Manufacturing 2,944
Wholesale/Retail 1,688
Services 990
Government 1,347
Construction 1,399
City Calvert City
Mayor/6 Council
County Marshall County
Judge Executive/
3 Commissioners
Zoning Calvert City
Fire Insurance Rating 5
Firefighters 25 Volunteer
Police 5 full-time
Uniformed Officers
Electrical Power Suppliers
Purchase Energy Corporation (JPEC)
West Kentucky Rural Electric Coop
Health Facilities, Hospitals
Marshall County 81 beds 15 miles
Lourdes 389 beds 18 miles
Western Baptist 373 beds 20 miles
Natural Gas Distributor
Public Library, Branch of County
22,633 items
Public Utilities-Water
Supplier: City of Calvert City
Source: Ground Water
Plant Capacity: 1,440,000 GPD
Storage Capacity: 1,200,000 GPD
Public Utilities-Sewer
Supplier City of Calvert City
Plant Capacity: 390,000 GPD
Type Treatment: 3 cell aerated lagoon
with chlorinator
Solid Waste Disposal Service
Household waste municipal system
Commercial/Industrial private vendor
Nearest Landfill privately owned and located within the city

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