Calvert City is served by a technology infrastructure that other municipalities don’t have access to.   Access to fast and reliable broadband connections, strong wireless and cellular coverage, IT and technology work-ready employees, and free WiFi in public spaces within the city are all readily accessible within the city limits.


Paducah Power Systems serves Calvert City with a fiber optic data and voice infrastructure.   Several local phone and internet providers provide service over Paducah Power’s fiber network in the city limits.   Those include Dialog, E-Tel, and CSI. Coax Internet and television service is served by TimeWarner/Spectrum. Windstream, the local telecom franchise, provides traditional copper service, leased lines, and DSL internet services.

Due to affordability and east of access, it’s not uncommon for Calvert City businesses to maintain two internet connections for redundancy purposes.

Wireless Coverage

All areas within the city limits are served by AT&T and Verizon Wireless cellular providers.   Other provider such as Sprint and T-Mobile have acceptable signal levels in most areas of the city.  The entire Verizon cell phone network stayed functional in the catastrophic ice storm of 2009, speaking volumes to the expense invested by providers to make sure that reliable coverage is available.

Calvert City also provides a public internet WiFi network within public use areas of the city.  Currently, coverage includes the ball fields, the skate park/Civic Center playground, the city hall property, and at Memorial Park.   The city evaluates additional coverage areas as needed, and the tennis courts and Old Park will also have free WiFi services available in the near future.

Technology Support and Work Ready Community

Calvert City has technology support personnel and resources readily available.   We’re home to one of the largest technology service providers and technology consultants in western Kentucky.   Murray State University’s Telecommunications Systems Management (TSM) programs produces very skilled graduates each semester in the fields of IT and telecom.  The low cost of living in the area also attracts competent and qualified IT workers from larger municipalities around Calvert City including Nashville and St. Louis.  The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) also has an excellent IT degree program and graduates many qualified professionals each year.

We love to talk tech in Calvert City.   If you have any specific questions about technology and infrastructure available within the city limits, please contact us.